colourful paper dragons

In case you’ve got a dragon lover at home these not only act as flying dragons, but can also be adorable baby mobile or can be suspended with strings too!

Materials needed
Paper (I’ve used @aliciasouza last year’s calendar) or you can use chart or paper plate

Alright, let’s make ourselves a paper dragon!
1.Fold your paper/paper plate in half and draw out dragon pieces in it
2. First I folded the plate in half and traced the body. (You can make your own design, or follow the one in the next image)
3. Cut out all your dragon pieces
4. Then, I cut out the head and tail pieces from the excess material and folded down the wings.

5. Stick the pieces together like the image after the template image. I slid the head and tail pieces between our body pieces and pasted everything together.
6. Ask your kid to go wild and paint it how they like! 
You can either fly it around or use it to add magic to the room!

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